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tribu des mamas
Atelier enfant

Naturo circles
create your tribe / your village 

plants, phytotherapy


Pregnancy and parenthood represent significant changes in someone's life. We know moments of absolute happiness, but also doubts, questioning and often a lot of fatigue. 


Growing a baby for 9 months and taking care of a child requires energy, time, patience... Either for mama, daddy or the little one, it is good to be able to live this experience within a community of people who are going through the same thing : your tribe. 

In order to create a link, to feel listened to, understood and to avoid isolation. Join your tribe to find support and a benevolent listening.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

Phone or WhatsApp: +41 76 220 43 93
Address: Rte de Montana 45, 3968 Veyras

The yoga of mamas 
for pregnant women and new mothers

Come join our yoga classes!

Designed especially to accompany you on this unique journey to motherhood. Whether you are pregnant or have recently given birth, our yoga program is here to support you every step of this wonderful journey.


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When? every Tuesdays (special hours in summer)
=> Once registered we invite you to the WhatsApp group for registration on specific dates


Center for the awakening of the soul: La Place 2, 3973 Venthône


Prenatal yoga 75min: 1 class - 30 CHF OR pack of 5 sessions* - 125 CHF

Postnatal yoga 90min: 1 class - 35 CHF OR pack of 5 sessions* - 150 CHF

* the pack is valid for the session with no refund in case of cancellation, payment by cash or twint before the course.


Join us today or feel free to contact us for more info

child food 0 - 3 years old

Discover the secrets of a healthy diet for your little ones with our workshop on food diversification! Receive practical memo sheets to accompany you at home and ensure your child's well-being from their first meals. Register now and take the first step towards balanced nutrition for your child!




When ?

Monday June 3 from 7:45 p.m. to 9:15 p.m.

Or ?

Chez Physio 58, Chemin de la Maya 3, 1958 Uvrier

Price : 30.-, limited places

Join us today or do not hesitate to contact me for more information

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