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By your side from the desire of conception to the adulthood of your children


Happy Children


Let's maximize your child's health capital(0 to 16 years old)

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pregnant woman


Hypnosis session for adult & child OR

Hypnonatal®, to better live your pregnancy and postpartum

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pregnant woman


Preconception, pregnancy and postnatal support


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Pre and postnatal massage

Hypnotic massage 

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plants, phytotherapy


Whatever your problem, here I help you optimize your health capital

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Naturo-Express for a rapid treatment in the acute phase 


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RME, ASCA & VISANA accredited


All consultations can be done remotely (video conference)


Please note that my treatment does not replace conventional medicine but can complement it​

If you cannot come to an appointment, let me know at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged. 
The sessions are paid on site (cash or TWINT) according to the actual time spent together. My rate is 140.-/h (per 5min increment) and a paid invoice is given to you for reimbursement by your complementary insurance


I also consult in France, to know the rates, please contact me.

Mom and baby

An individualized approach

Laure Perruchoud - Your health educator

We live in a changing society, where our food in the broad sense and our well-being are essential to us.


Previously, I used to live in a very intense way. I always wanted to do more, to go further, higher… I worked for several years in large multinationals in various functions. This led me to live in Asia, where I realized that it was important to "know how to be" and not only "know how".  Traveling to many countries was certainly interesting, but I had to start my inner journey, get to know myself better. There, I was able to experience the power of the mind through breathing, mindfulness, relaxation, as well as the importance of food, the use of medicinal plants, physical exercise to preserve individual health capital.


When I returned to Switzerland, I made the choice to change my way of living by helping people who wanted to change, based on these techniques. I wanted to get involved in a project where people and empathy would be part of my daily life. I thus trained in Naturopathy (EPSN - Lausanne) and I have since focused this activity on perinatal and pediatric support, fundamentally believing that our children are our future and that we must offer them the best for their development. Let's remember that, as adults, we experience things that originated in childhood.

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy


its definition and pillars

plants, phytotherapy

Naturopathy is a natural approach to health and healing that takes into account the whole person in its plans.  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The 5 pillars of naturopathy; 

- Vitalism  : the philosophy that conceives vital energy  as an intangible factor essential to health and healing.

- Humorism  : the science that studies the “humors”,  i.e. the liquids that make up our body  : intra and  extracellular, lymph and blood.

- Causalism  : the methodology specific to the naturopath which consists in seeking the cause of the origin of the disease.

- Hygienism  : the practical application of lifestyle techniques in harmony with nature.

- Holism  : the concept  specific which considers the human man as a whole, all the layers of his being.

The naturopath does not heal! It sets in motion, it accompanies on the path to health, it educates, it opens consciences.
It is the patient who becomes the actor of his health and his healing.

The proposed approaches do not replace conventional medicine but can complement it.

When to consult and techniques

plants, phytotherapy
Pediatric naturopathy

• Health prevention

• Child nutrition, diversification, choice of infant formula, overweight

• Immunity
• Allergies, food sensitivities and intolerances, digestive issues

• Baby ailments; GERD, colic

• Childhood ailments; asthma, cystitis, enuresis, skin and ENT problems

• Sleep problem


• Hypnosis for children (from 4 years old)


• Nutritherapy; individualized diet

•  Micronutrition

• Yoga

• Hydrology

• Cupping therapy

• Iridology

• Breathing

Perinatal naturopathy

• Pre-conception (difficulties conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term) (for the future mom AND future dad)
• Hormonal cycle disorder, alternative contraception
• Pregnant women: pregnancy well-being  and follow-up

• Hypnonatal®, childbirth preparation

• Postpartum: breastfeeding and nutrition

Adult naturopathy

• For all chronic health problems

• In prevention to optimize your health capital

• As an accompaniment to medical treatment

Examples: chronic fatigue, burn out and burn in, eczema, psoriasis, endometriosis, PMS, cystitis, PCOS, joint pain, menopausal disorders, ...

plants, phytotherapy

• Phytotherapy

• Gemmotherapy
• Spagyrics

• Oligotherapy

• Bach flowers


Hypnonatal®; self-hypnosis techniques to fully experience pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum while always remaining connected to your child. Very effective tool against pain and helps to better manage the intensity of childbirth

Elmanian Hypnotherapy; for young and old to help you get the changes you want. 


hypnose elmanienne, hypnose enfant, hypnose accouchement

Prenatal & postnatal massage;

With the Breuss massage protocol and some reboutage techniques, you will receive a specific delicate massage of the back and neck. With gentle and slow movements, it helps to resolve blockages on the physical and psychic levels and at more subtle levels, through better circulation along the spine, which is the main energy channel.


With the help  of a special massage cushion for expectant mothers, you will enjoy a moment of pure relaxation lying on your stomach.

Hypnotic massage; it is the meeting of deep relaxation of the body through massage and deep relaxation of the mind through hypnosis for maximum relaxation. This method helps dissolve deep-seated tensions.

Massage prénatal et hypnotique
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Qd consulter Hypnos
Qd consulter massage

A message for me?


Horloge et plante

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+41 76 220 43 93

Rte de Montana 45, 3968 Veyras


Avenue du General Guisan 12, 3960 Sierre


Laure Perruchoud

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